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Testimonials: Testimonials

"My name is Mike Lemaire, I am a professional muay thai & kickboxing fighter. I have been working with Arnell for about 2 years now. As a professional athlete I've been dealing with a lot of therapists, but no one has ever come close to what Arnell has done for me. The most important part of my training when I am getting ready for a fight is recovery, a session with Arnell and the next day I am 100%, I can't even believe how good my body feels the following day after a session with him even though my training  has been grueling. Arnell also helped me deal with injury in the past and to recover and get back to training a lot faster. When Mr Davis is working on you, you can just tell the knowledge he has and the experience he has with athlete.  Arnell is always part of my training camp for my fight and I could not train at the highest level without him. He is a great guy and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a serious therapist whether you are an athlete or not."

Mike Lemaire

 "My name is Sam Willoughby and I am a professional BMX racer. I am the Silver Medalist from the 2012 Olympic Games, 3 time BMX World Champion and 3x US National number 1 Pro. I take my training and preparation very serious and try to surround myself with the best people in all areas. Massage is a massive part of my recovery and preparation, when I moved to the US from Australia I sourced out Arnell Davis through the US Olympic Training Center. I have now been using Arnell weekly since 2010 for my Massage therapy. I have never had a more thorough and precise masseur. Arnell is always on time and a all around good guy but most importantly Arnell is a very knowledgeable masseur who understands the body and how muscles work."

Sam Willoughby

"I had been struggling with daily headaches for over a month when I made an appointment with Arnell. My doctor had done neurological exams, a CT scan and blood tests. Finally, she told me we had explored all possibilities and asked me if I wanted to go on meds. Instead, I got a massage from Arnell and within 24 hours I felt 100% better. Now 2 weeks later I have yet to have another headache. I would recommend Arnell to anyone dealing with muscle tightness, tension, pain or headaches. You won't regret it."

Ashley Hyman, MPH, CPH

Arnell has been providing massage therapy to me now for around 5 years.

Due to some athletic injuries I have had numerous issues that Arnell has been able to identify and assist in my recovery.

Precision Sports Massage is an apt name as that is exactly what Arnell does, he is able to identify and focus on the areas that need the most attention.

Deep and penetrating massage can be uncomfortable at times, but the benefits gained from releasing muscles and tendons that have bound up or been injured can be quite amazing. Good recovery really does make the difference.

Obviously, physical massage is one component in maintaining a healthy, functioning body but still a very important one. Precision Sports Massage is now an integral part of my athletic activities.

Arnell also has a good demeanor and pleasant personality.

I would thoroughly recommend Arnell’s services and I will continue to use his services.

Daron Cristy

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